Antikiller (2002)

Antikiller, Russia (2002)

One of most famous and popular Russian films in the recent years. And with a reason.
Really rough gangster film, describing with gritty, but stylish realism the crime organizations of Moscow. On the streets and in prison. Complex, very energetic, ultra-violent and absolutely crazy with great cinematography and unique filming locations.
The movie draws inspiration from American and Asian gangster films, but manages to translate it into authentic Russian content and language. Very entertaining and interesting movie that holds the attention up until the end, but not without flaws. Because of multiple story lines, the film makers are trying to solve and bring to an end all of them, sometimes stretching it too much, and the result is a little cheesy.  
Recommended for everyone who like gangster and crime movies.

My rating: 8+/10            IMDB >>

Eden Log   (2007)

Eden Log, France (2007)

Very stylish sci-fi with enigmatic story, so enigmatic that it's very unclear what's going on. You need to watch it again just to understand the big picture, but when the movie is over, you really don't want to. It's better to look for explanation on the web to save time. And it's not that complicated at all, it's just told with clues and fragmental information, and it's kinda hard to follow.

Eden Log is not for people with short attention span, or people that look for light entertainment, although the movie is quite good and becomes more interesting with the time. It's done very well, there is really a lot of thought behind it, but when you try too much to be creative, the story suffers. Nice idea and nice try, the film is watchable but not easy.

My rating: 7/10          IMDB >>

My Name Is Bruce   (2007)

My name is Bruce, USA (2007)

Funny and goofy movie with Bruce Campbell as the center, playing himself and making fun of his cult persona.
The story is rubbish - some old Chinese curse about guardian of the dead, that was released by accident, and now kills everyone. The only person that can stop him is Bruce Campbell, the man and the legend, that doesn't realize what's going on until it's too late.
Campbell's performance is remarkable and very funny, he is the director of the movie as well. It is all about him, the surrounding story doesn't even matter.
Great and mindless B-entertainment.

My rating: 7+/10          IMDB >>

Frostbitten   (2006)

Original title: Frosbiten, Sweden (2006)

Really fun movie about vampires. The movie is very nice to watch, because of great makeup, lots of blood and dark humor. Starts a little slow, but interesting, and turns out to be a hell of a ride, literary. The story is quite good too.
Recommended to all vampire sub genre fans, especially for those who like more classic approach to vampires.

My rating: 8+/10                 IMDB >>  

Choke   (2008)

Choke, USA (2008)

Based on the book by the same author that wrote Fight Club and has similar themes of misanthropy, desperation, psychosis, but also ultimate salvation. There is a big difference between the movies, and first time director of Choke is the reason this movie is lacking creative imagination and just telling the story.
The content is as expected - disturbing, vulgar and deprave, moving between outrageous comedy to tearful drama. The result is quite shocking, but entertaining enough to watch and enjoy.

My rating: 7+/10              IMDB >> 

Outlander   (2008)

Outlander, USA/Germany (2008)

Ridiculous, laughable and doesn't make a lot of sense, with many embarrassing moments. On the other hand, what can you expect from a movie about vikings fighting an alien from space?
The general idea and some parts of the movie are good, but the execution is mostly boring and the movie is too long, should be at least 30 minutes shorter. Mildly enjoyable an watchable overall, but as it goes toward the ending it's losing all the energy and interest.

My rating: 6/10              IMDB >>    

The Wackness   (2008)

The Wackness, USA (2008)

Without sounding like a cliche, this is one of the best movies of 2008 that you haven't seen. Great soundtrack, acting and the dialogs. This film is unusual "coming of age" story with extreme description of some miserable and fucked up characters. It's all very sad and funny at the same time, the movie is emotionally involving and very impressive.
Not boring at all, and people who can watch interesting drama with meaningful content will really enjoy it.
Despite being very bleak and a little depressing, this movie is also very optimistic, sort of bitter-sweet.
Excellent and memorable watching experience.

My rating: 9/10                          IMDB >

Eagle Eye   (2008)

Eagle Eye, USA (2008)

Fast and suspenseful movie with non stop action. As implausible and absurd as the film gets, it is still very entertaining and fun to watch. Great waste of time.

My rating: 7+/10                       IMDB >   

They Live   (1988)

They Live, USA (1988)

Long before The Matrix, John Carpenter wrote and directed this "what you see is not what's real" movie. And although this is just a B movie, nothing spectacular like The Matrix, somehow the political statement and the philosophical approach are quite sharp and direct. The lead, Roddy Piper, is not very good actor and he just doesn't bring the necessary depth to its character, but overall it suits the movie.
Great film because of the story and because it's not getting old and still fun to watch.

My rating: 7+/10                    IMDB >  

Righteous Kill   (2008)

Righteous Kill, USA (2008)

Not very bad, but not good either. Mostly a big yawn with some occasionally nice scenes and cheesy ending. The plot is interesting enough to hold the attention, but it's really nothing special.

My rating: 6/10                   IMDB > 

A Tale of Two Sisters   (2003)

Original Title: Janghwa, Hongryeon, South Korea (2003)

Very slow movie, almost annoying to watch. And it could have been forgivable if the story was interesting enough to follow, but it's not.
The movie pretends to be a psychological drama, but it's just stupid horror film with predictable twists, using every available  horror cliche.

My rating: 2/10                     IMDB >

How To Lose Friends & Alienate People   (2008)

How To Lose Friends & Alienate People, USA (2008)

Another movie about "American Dream", hiding in a comedy about rude and horny Englishman that comes to America to fulfill it.
The movie is funny, and Simon Pegg continues to show his skills with some outrageous situations. But it's not just simple laugh squeezer, and goes beyond the formula of romantic comedy. It actually deals with serious issues through satire, sharp observations and self reflection, questioning, among others, the value of integrity and the price of conformity.
Of course all of it is only on superficial level, but it is not reducing the importance of the intentions.

The chemistry between the characters needed slight improvement, the relationships and character's depth not developed enough and too stereotypical, but this is suitable for such kind of a movie, that holds everything on the surface only. So judging from that point of view, all actors are doing good job, and even Megan Fox, who plays an exaggerated version of herself, manages to escape the trap of representing her character as cliche image of a brainless bimbo. In fact, she is the center in some of the best scenes in this movie, displaying emotional vulnerability and shallowness at the same time.

The ending is the only disappointing part, and after so many achievements it all falls down. It's quite sad actually.
The movie, of course, is a date movie, a chick flick, but don't underestimate it. There is everything for everyone, and it's fun to watch.

My rating: 7+/10. ------------ IMDB >

Zack and Miri Make a Porno   (2008)

Zack and Miri Make a Porno, USA (2008)

Sometimes incredibly funny, sometimes awkward and embarrassing. As usual Kevin Smith proves that he cannot write dramatic scenes. He is very good with perversive comedy and cultural references, but dramatic scenes with emotional depth are disaster for him. And it shows even more with bad dramatic actors, such as Rogen and some other actors in supporting roles. His directing skills are in decline too.
Great laughs, though.

My rating: 8/10                        IMDB >

Arthur and the Invisibles   (2006)

Original Title: Arthur et les Minimoys, France (2006)

sy adventure fairytale, combining, in quite clever way, between animation and live action. The movie has some potential and it can be very effective and popular with kids, but for grown people it's mostly a miss, obviously, unless they are immature and childish. Entertaining enough to watch it once.

My rating: 7/10                           IMDB >

Apocalypse Code   (2007)

Original Title: Kod Apokalipsisa, Russia (2007)

Big budget Russian action movie with female counterpart for James Bond. The lead actress is shooting, killing and kicking ass, no man can apprehend her. Besides nice action and occasional exposure of her naked body, there is nothing interesting in this movie, which turns out to be cheesy,
pretty stupid in general. and over the top patriotic (in Russian movies it's the Russia who saves the world, the Americans are just annoying nuisance).
Good production values, with filming locations all over the world, cannot overcome dumb story and lack of logic.
Not really recommended, but tolerable.

My rating: 5/10                         IMDB >

St. Trinian's   (2007) 

St. Trinian's, UK (2007) 

Absolutely hilarious British comedy with dark humor and absurd situations. Reminds many American comedies of 80's, like the Animal House.
It's a little vulgar and rude, but mostly it's just silly and anarchic. The jokes and gags are just keep coming one after another, a lot of funny things happen simultaneously, on the background as well. A second viewing needed just to catch all of it.
Although the outrageous content has many different problems - like occasional weak writing or questionable message, promoting shallowness, extreme nihilism and general stupidity as a way of life, the overall impression from the movie is positive. 

My rating: 8/10   
        IMDB >        

RocknRolla   (2008)

RocknRolla, UK (2008)

Entertaining and easy to watch. At the same time it's shallow, pointless and with multiple ideas that were stolen from other movies.
Forgettable movie that only indicates the lack of imagination from Guy Ritchie, that has only one creative style, and he is unable to do anything else.

My rating: 8/10           IMDB >             Wiki >   

All the Boys Love Mandy Lane  (2006)

All the Boys Love Mandy Lane, USA (2006)

Apparently, if you want to do something different and original in such chewed up genre like "Teen Horror Slasher", you can. This movie is a proof that when you have great script and smart director, even most average actors can upgrade their acting abilities and to pull very impressive dramatic scenes, add depth to their characters and deliver great movie as result. The downside, as non significant as it is, that after all it's still a teenage slasher.
Amber Heard, of course, on a way to be a huge star, but besides her, everyone is doing good job.
Gritty, complex and suspenseful. Recommended.

My rating: 8+/10                IMDB >          Wiki >

Blood Rain   (2005)

Original Title: Hyeol-ui nu, South Korea (2005)

A detective story set in 19th century, when the investigation tactics were quite different than now. Still, the movie is very good, mixing mystery with logic, confronting occult and primitive superstitions with rational thinking, dealing with a collision of justice against revenge, and exploring the problems of social hierarchy. The movie is very intellectual, reminds in its artistic and thematic approach great classic movies.
The movie is suspenseful and interesting to watch, but some patience needed.

My rating: 9/10                 IMDB >             Wiki >     

Vampyres   (1974)

Vampyres, UK (1974)

Classic erotic horror, with more emphasis on "Erotic" part than on "Horror", during most of the film.
Many scenes in this movie are incredibly dull and boring. Like a person just walking and looking around for 5 minutes with absolutely nothing happens, but the sex scenes keep the interest and it worth the effort, because last 15 minutes are extremely good.
The ending provides that "Horror" part with great images, and I can only wish all the movie would've been like this.
Eventually the movie provides the thrills it suppose to and is quite enjoyable.  
My rating: 7/10             IMDB >             Wiki >

The Deal (2008)

The Deal, USA (2008)

Fast paced comedy, a satire on Hollywood industry. Kind of like more mature version of Tropic Thunder, only with more sophisticated humor.
The movie is for people who like fast and witty dialogs, and have some knowledge about film production in order to understand many inside jokes. The movie directed and acted very well, but the ending is a little stretched and disappointing.
Definitely not for everyone, but people that  enjoy show like Entourage can give it a try. 

My rating: 7+/10             IMDB >            Wiki >

Hatchet   (2006)

Hatchet, USA (2006)

Bloody horror comedy with very brutal and graphic deaths. The movie feels like intentionally over the top, with bad acting, stupid story and extreme violence. The characters were so dumb I was actually cheering for the monster to kill them all.
The result is not very amusing or interesting, but distinctive and the gore is very nice too.

My rating: 6/10                    IMDB >               Wiki >

Legendary Assassin   (2008)

Original Title: Long Nga, Hong Kong (2008)

Nice martial arts movie, with some laughs, good wire fights and one stolen scene from Matrix Revolutions. The story is typical for HK movies, with equal amount of action and melodrama. But the director, which is a lead actor too, is not stretching viewer's patience and the movie is quite light.
For martial arts fans only.

My rating: 7/10                  IMDB >                Wiki >

City of Ember   (2008)

City of Ember, USA (2008)

Overlooked movie that received one of the worst publicity campaigns before its release, which led to a box office flop and jeopardized the making of a sequel.   
Based on a book, this movie is really recommended for all Adventure/Fantasy genre lovers. Interesting story is mixed with a touch of philosophy, some social comments and insights, a big mystery, great art design, very decent acting and suspenseful plot. All that makes City of Ember very entertaining and even thought provoking.
Despite some plot holes and small ridiculous things, t
he movie is definitely memorable and stays in mind.    
My rating: 8+/10         
IMDB >     

Taken  (2008)

Taken, France (2008)

Good and suspenseful action flick. Leam Neeson, in really surprising role, doing good job wiping out criminals and kicking everyone's ass. But everything related to character's depth and development, or to relationships between the main characters,  is very awkward and stupid, reflecting the script problems in this area. The story itself is not very plausible or logical, but all this is really not that important. 
Mainly it's just impressive action scenes and fights. Good and brainless waste of time.

My rating: 7/10                 IMDB >                  Wiki >

Man of East   (2008)

Original Title: Nepobedimiy (Literal translation - Invincible), Russia (2008)

Really, really good action movie from Russia. Non-stop action scenes, decent plot, surprisingly good dialogs, effective characters, great self irony and sense of humor.
The production is very professional, like a good Hollywood product, with great filming locations and a lot of effort. The result is very enjoyable and entertaining, like the first Transporter. Overall it feels like filmmakers have a big respect for the viewers intelligence, therefore almost no plot holes or lack of logic.
Highly recommended for action fans.

My rating: 8+/10                     IMDB >  

Max Payne   (2008)

Max Payne, USA (2008)

Very boring and terrible in all aspects. The only good thing about this movie is the recreation of the city look and different settings from the game.

My rating: 5/10                   IMDB >               Wiki >   

The City of Violence   (2006)

Original Title: Jjakpae, South Korea (2006)

As far as crime thriller genre goes, whether it is about gangsters, cops or serial killers, Korean cinema makes the best of it for so many years now.
The City of Violence is yet another example of how interesting Korean cinema is, with decent story, but mostly with highly energetic fights, kick ass violence and "I don't give a fuck" attitude.

My rating: 8/10                   IMDB >                  Wiki >

Heathers  (1988)

Heathers, USA (1988)

Great dark comedy with fantastic dialogs and one-liners. It's hard to review such unique movie, I can only recommend to see it. Pure pleasure.

My rating: 9/10                          IMDB >                  Wiki >

Basket Case   (1982)

Basket Case, USA (1982)

Truly a B movie with extremely low budget production and dreadful acting. The story is very vague and unfocused, making this movie a real mess. Considered as Horror classic, with two sequels, but after so many years the movie feels old and very amateur.

My rating: 4/10                    IMDB >            Wiki >

Boachi Bushido: Code of the Forgotten Eight   (1973)

Original Title: Porno jidaigeki: Bohachi bushido, Japan (1973)

A fusion between typical samurai movie, sexploitation and soft erotica. The result is quite good, and numerous boobs, as well as some full nudity, that appear on the screen during the movie, are clearly helping a lot  to enjoy this film.
Good stuff, recommended for the fans of samurai genre. Did I mention there is a lot of boobs too?

My rating: 7/10                       IMDB >

The Debt   (2007)

Original Title: Ha-Hov,  Israel (2007)

Israeli secret agents are hunting one of the remaining Nazis, but after they have him, things are getting more and more complicated.
This is quite good drama/thriller exploring some sensitive topics. There is a complex emotional background behind this movie, and the filmmakers are not afraid to dig deep.
The movie is mostly drama, but the acting is good and the story is interesting and tense. Some parts of the plot are ridiculous and a little laughable - these secret agents are nothing like James Bond, for example, so it doesn't fit the expectations from the spy movie. But when taken in proper context and after some deeper analyzing, it seems reasonable enough.
Knowing Israeli cinema, this is one of the better results from there. 

My rating: 8/10      IMDB >     Official website

The Chaser   (2008)

Original Title: Chugyeogja, South Korea (2008)

Another excellent crime thriller/drama from Korea, and no gangsters this time. The rights for the Hollywood remake were purchased already by the guys behind the Departed

My rating: 8/10

IMDB >              Wiki >

The Place Promised in Our Early Days   (2004)

Original Title: Kumo no muko, yakusoku no basho, Japan (2004)

Animated sci-fi fantasy with complex structure of alternative reality. The main focus is on themes like love and friendship, and the movie is designated mostly for teenagers. The movie is very visual, its ideas and character's thoughts and emotions are represented through the images, so the movie is colorful and very imaginative. But all this affects the plot, which is not always clear and sometimes boring, and better understanding of the story requires additional knowledge from outside sources.
Not one of the best, for the fans of anime only.

My rating: 7/10                  IMDB >               Wiki >

Ip Man   (2008)

Original Title: Yip Man, Hong Kong (2008)

The movie is watchable because something always happens and there is a decent script development. The fights are very meticulous and calculated to the smallest details, Donnie Yen shows some excellent skills. But the story is so typical for HK or Chinese production - naive, way too sentimental and patriotic. Seems that cynicism and satire are not very appealing for the target audience of such film. And that before even mentioning the simplification and misrepresentation of historical events.
Recommended for martial art's fans with low expectations for the story quality.   

My rating: 6/10                       IMDB >                Wiki >

Azur and Asmar   (2006)

Original Title:Azur at Asmar, France/Belgium/Spain/Italy (2006)

Very colorful animated fairytale with unusual and interesting art design. Along with amazing visuals, the multilayer plot is not disappointing as well, considering that it's based on ancient folklore legends. So it's simple and not too complicated story, with a share of moral, cultural and human insights and fables.

My rating: 8/10                  IMDB >            Wiki >

Species: The Awakening   (2007)

Species: The Awakening, USA (2007)

Different from previous movies, trying to be more serious, dark and psychological. But there is a limit how serious and intellectual you can get with such material, so as result all the fun is gone and even sexy and half naked girls seem to be boring. Despite some good thrills, this movie feels heavy and not satisfying.
My rating: 6/10                       IMDB >            Wiki >

Stacy   (2001)

Stacy: Attack of the Schoolgirl Zombies, Japan (2001)

Below average example of the over the top zombie horror comedy with bad acting. Some blood, some lame humor and a lot of cut body parts. And although the plot pretends to be deep, with some complex metaphors and meanings, the result is pretty much amateur, low budget mess.

My rating: 4/10                   IMDB >             Wiki >

13 Tzameti   (2005)

13 Tzameti,  France (2005)

Unusual and minimalistic crime thriller. One of those independent and low budget productions that pulls a lot of attention and praises, and the first time director is skyrocketed to the fame and success. And apparently for a reason.
Starts slow and enigmatic and right after that creates tense mystery that unfolds into jaw dropping situation. It's a rare pleasure to watch such extreme movie. Better not to watch trailer or read anything about it before, because it reveals part of the mystery and it's not fun. Hollywood's remake for 2010 is already in progress with many top actors and same director. 
My rating: 9+/10          IMDB >      

Hair High   (2004)

Hair High, USA (2004)

Great animation style and imagination, not so great story. For people who love strange animated movies only.

My rating: 7/10               IMDB >               Wiki >

Hamlet 2   (2008)

Hamlet 2, USA (2008)

Strange and politically incorrect comedy with some nice laughs. The movie is confusing in the beginning, but getting better later, thanks to great acting performance of Steve Coogan, the lead actor. The story is very silly and can also be offensive to some people, but the movie is very optimistic and easily lifts the spirit.

My rating: 7+/10                  IMDB >                Wiki >

Species III   (2004)

Species III, USA (2004)

Light and not pretentious entertainment with naked chicks, mild action and ludicrous plot. Fun to watch after turning the brain off. Better to see at least the original Species first, but there is no actual need for that. This movie explains itself.  

My rating:7/10                   IMDB >             Wiki >

The Rocker   (2008)

The Rocker, USA (2008)

Despite some funny scenes and a few laughs, this movie is too childish and too simple. Mostly for teenagers, not clever and not mature enough for adults.

My rating: 6/10                IMDB >                Wiki >

The X Files: I Want To Believe   (2008)

The X Files: I Want To Believe, USA (2008)

Too much talking and too much unnecessary drama. The story is one of the worst in the X Files history, and the emphasis on the religious theme is very disappointing. But the biggest letdown is the character of Dana Scully, which turned out to be a confused and sentimental wuss, with an obvious case of hypocrisy and radical belief in superstitions.

Totally forgettable and not important movie that didn't feel like an X Files at all.

My rating: 4/10          IMDB >           Wiki >

Fighter   (2007)

Fighter, Denmark (2007)

Bad movie with embarrassing lines, acting and story. 

Full review

My rating: 3/10                      IMDB >  

Westworld   (1973)

Westworld, USA (1973)

Classic sci-fi movie with decent imagination, that inspired number of follow-ups based on the same fiction world. Interesting and entertaining enough to hold the interest, but not exploiting its full potential.
 My rating: 7/10                     IMDB >              Wiki >